WhisperPower Supreme Pro 24v battery charger

WhisperPower introduces next generation professional 24V battery chargers

22nd June 2019 | Blue Sheets | Follow on Apple News

WhisperPower has added the Supreme Pro battery charger series to its extensive range of products. The advanced Supreme Pro battery charger / power supply has been specifically developed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements that the shipping and industry installations impose on power electronics.

Nowadays, commercial ships, superyachts and industrial installations are all equipped with a growing number of more complex electronic devices that, even under the most extreme conditions, require a non-stop reliable power supply. As a result, increasingly higher demands are placed on the DC voltage stability, interference suppression and system integration with navigation and communication systems.

“We see that, within our market sector, little is being renewed in the field of charging technology for professional applications and yet more and more requirements and regulations have to be met. That is why, a few years ago, WhisperPower’s design team set about developing a new range of safe and robust 24V WP-BC Supreme Pro chargers with the highest interference suppression Class B, standard UL conformity, and for the professional maritime sector, DNV, GL and ABS certification.

The compact and silent Supreme Pro is equipped with the statutory alarms and a volt / ampere metre on the front and is the perfect main charger / power supply for a GMDSS system with backup battery,” explains Roel ter Heide, Director-Owner of WhisperPower.

The Supreme Pro three-stage battery chargers feature 3 separate DC outputs for charging multiple battery banks and are suitable for any type of battery including Lithium batteries. Different charging protocols can be set via a DIP switch, laptop or USB interface.

The range consists of four 24 V chargers with a charging power of 40, 60, 80 or 100 Amps respectively, and universal auto-ranging input (90-265 VAC, 50-60 Hz). As standard, they are equipped with a digital LCD display on the housing for instant feedback on DC / AC voltage and DC charging currents and setting DC and AC alarms via potential free contacts.

In addition, the charger can easily be connected to external analogue or digital control panels for, among other things, charging current readout and to adjust the charging current (AC input-current reduction). Via the WhisperConnect Can-Bus, the charger is able to communicate with other bus systems including NMEA 2000.

The WP-BC Supreme Pro battery charger is delivered as standard with a 5 year product warranty.

The Supreme Pro will be showcased at the following exhibitions and trade shows: 

  • Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 25-27 June, Rai Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  • IBEX USA 1-3 October, Tampa Convention Center, Florida
  • METS – SuperYacht Pavilion, 19-21 November, Rai Amsterdam, Amsterdam.

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