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16th August 2016 | bluesheets | Follow on Apple News

Rightboat has launched a new service that can add a revenue stream to any website. Rightboat mini is a free add-on which automatically tracks visitors to your website and pays you a share of all the pay-per-lead fees generated by buyers browsing all the boats for sale on Rightboat.com

With Rightboat mini, tens of thousands of boats for sale on Rightboat.com can be browsed through a smart window on any participating partner’s website. Rightboat mini is free to install and can start to earn the website owner extra revenue in as little as two days.

“At the moment we are concentrating on partnering with websites in the boating sector like marinas, owners clubs, specialist boat suppliers and yacht clubs,” explains Nicky Tucker, Sales Director at Rightboat.com. “But there’s no limit to the places that Rightboat mini could appear, anywhere a website partner has visitors that may be interested in buying a boat.” Worldwide partners interested in making money with Rightboat mini should email Nicky direct: [email protected]

Unlike other online boat sellers, Rightboat.com does not charge brokers or private sellers a fee to list their boats. The Broker (or seller) is only charged a lead/enquiry fee once a real customer requests more information. Brokers pay an average lead fee of £15 and with Rightboat mini installed on your website you could receive £5 every time one of your visitors enquires about a boat through the Rightboat mini portal.

“It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with Rightboat and a valuable extra resource for our website,” says James Stone, MD of Bluesheets.co.uk the UK’s leading online marine directory. “We have about 10,000 visitors every month looking for all kinds of boating businesses, products and suppliers. Installing it is a doddle, the Rightboat content is ad-free and it’s already generating income for us, it’s a win-win.”

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