Shakespeare Marine

Enterprise Way Fleetwood, Lancashire, FY7 8RY

Shakespeare® marine antennas are the result of decades of continuous improvement of design and manufacturing, and close collaboration with marine professionals.

Whether you are a commercial or recreational boater, you can rest assured that our best-in-class antennas are built with unmatched quality and will enable you to stay connected – anywhere.

Since 1897, Shakespeare® Marine has been a leader in quality and innovation. William Shakespeare Jr. started the company as a fishing reel manufacturer, but the company then expanded into manufacturing of fishing line and fiberglass fishing rods. Through innovation in fiberglass rod manufacturing, the company started making fiberglass antennas in the early 1950s and has since grown to become the world’s leading manufacturer of marine and military antennas.

Today, Shakespeare® is a global antenna brand with a reputation for superior quality, performance and durability. With manufacturing and distribution centers in North America, Europe and Asia, it is positioned to deliver excellent service to customers all over the world. Shakespeare® has a rich tradition of serving both military and civilian customers globally and developing high quality products that have been perfected through a strong collaboration with professionals, navies and coastguards since 1952.

Shakespeare® operates from its global headquarters located in Columbia, South Carolina (USA).

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