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04 Oct 2017
Digital Yacht's NMEA 2000 Starter Kit makes installing modern marine electronics a breeze

NMEA 2000 has now become the de-facto standard throughout the marine electronics industry for interconnection of devices. It uses a simple backbone (or sometimes called "trunk") structure with requires terminators at each end of the cabling and then each device can be spurred off using a drop cable.  The bus also requires power.  Waterproof connectors are used throughout for maximum reliability and it makes for an easy plug 'n play installation.

Digital Yacht have introduced a new...

30 Sep 2017
Carbon Zerow rower Kyle Smith with one of the Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1s

Safety at sea specialist sponsors 4-man rowing team in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge as they bid to become first carbon neutral expedition to cross the Atlantic Ocean

Ocean Signal is the Electrical Safety Equipment Partner for Carbon Zerow, a four-man rowing team bidding to become the first carbon neutral expedition to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

The communication and safety at sea specialist is supplying four Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1 Personal Locator Beacons, a...

14 Sep 2017
Ocean Brothers, Jude Massey and Dr Greg Bailey, are preparing to row across the Atlantic to raise funds for the British Skin Foundation

Communication and safety at sea specialist Ocean Signal has joined forces with 3Si Group company Ocean Safety to supply vital lifesaving equipment for two brothers preparing to row the Atlantic Ocean in memory of their father.

Jude Massey and Dr Greg Bailey are preparing to set off from Gran Canaria in January 2018 for the unsupported 3000-mile crossing to Barbados to raise funds for the British Skin Foundation. Two years ago, the brothers launched their campaign to raise £100,000...

12 Sep 2017
Adapter Plate used to upgrade from Raymarine’s 7-inch e-Series MFD to Raymarine's 7-inch Axiom MFD

Boat owners who want to experience the enhanced power and functionality of the new Axiom™ multifunction displays have just had their lives made easier by Raymarine.

Anyone looking to refit their boat or upgrade their current Raymarine displays to the game-changing touch-screen navigation system now has the option of stepping up to the next level by using a stylish Axiom installation adapter plate, without the need to resurface the dash.

Powder coated black to match the Axiom,...

25 Aug 2017
World’s first application that relays AIS alerts and vessel data right to your wrist for immediate access to vital information

Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of innovative marine safety products, has released a new innovation in AIS portability – the deckWatch smartwatch app. Bringing the power of Vesper Marine’s smartAIS functionality beyond smartphones and tablets to individual smartwatches, users can now get critical safety information instantly and anywhere on a boat.

“When reaction time is measured in seconds, you need immediate information to make a proper response,” said Jeff Robbins, CEO,...

27 Jul 2017
The new Raymarine Axiom Pro Multifunction Displays

FLIR Systemshave announced the expansion of its Raymarine Axiom™ Multifunction Display (MFD) line with the introduction of the Axiom Pro. Designed for offshore enthusiasts and professional captains, Axiom Pro features Raymarine’s HybridTouch™ control, combining multi-touchscreen controls with an ergonomic keypad for additional confidence in rough seas. For serious offshore anglers, Axiom Pro is available with a 1 kW, high-powered CHIRP sonar and Raymarine’s built-in, advanced RealVision™ 3D...

19 Jul 2017
C-MAP Genesis Edge

C-MAP, the leading supplier of digital marine cartography and cloud-based mapping solutions, announced today the launch of Genesis Edge, a premium upgrade to the free marine-mapping service C-MAP Genesis (formerly known as Insight Genesis). The free version of C-MAP Genesis includes downloads of community-sourced digital Social Map charts, the ability to add personally mapped areas to Social Map, and custom-colour depth shading. Genesis Edge offers even more game-changing functionality for...

10 Jul 2017
Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB1 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

Floridian boaters with a 406 MHz locator beacon in their vessel will receive a 25% discount in registration fees as of July 1st

Leader in safety and communication Ocean Signal has backed the new Florida boating safety bill which has been introduced to encourage boaters to buy life-saving beacons.

Effective from July 1 2017, the new law offers boaters with a 406 MHz locator beacon in their vessel a 25% discount on their annual Florida boat registration fee.


02 May 2017
Nomad portable Class B AIS from Digital Yacht

Nomad is a new, portable AIS navigation solution from Digital Yacht.  Designed for recreational boaters and professional mariners, it offers a full function, Class B AIS transponder with a wireless and USB interface built in for tablets and PCs - all in a portable, compact package.

It addresses the needs of so many boaters who want a portable yet sophisticated navigation solution with AIS and GPS and the ability to interface with tablets, PCs and smart phones. It appeals to charter...

11 Mar 2017
Raymarine: Introducing Axiom™ Multifunction Displays with RealVision 3D™ Sonar & Lighthouse 3

Raymarine launches quad-core touch-screen MFD with 3D viewing and real CHIRP functionality at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show

We are pleased to announce an all-new family of Raymarine MFDs called Axiom, game-changers poised to shake up the marine electronics industry.

Consider the Merriam-Webster definition of “axiom”: “a statement accepted as true as the basis for argument or inference” or “an established rule or principle or a self-evident truth.” The word is...

10 Mar 2017

A British professional captain who survived the night time capsize of a catamaran last year has joined forces with safety specialist ACR Electronics, a Drew Marine company, and the United States Coast Guard to offer important survival advice to boaters by relating his tale of survival.

Charles Nethersole, from Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, became the latest member of ACR’s SurvivorClub initiative following the rescue from a sailing catamaran, named Leopard, in November last year when his...

06 Mar 2017

Sailors are always looking for new ways to improve their racing performance. So, the dedicated sailing team at racegeek have created a new tactical racing tool that combines the latest technology and design simplicity. 

Designed for 20 to 35 feet sports boats and yachts, the d10 combines the core functionality needed for inshore racing into one easy to use and stylish device.

Recognising the potential racing advantage of being able to synchronise and customise data from...